PLAYNOTE To Nueng, Toom and Everybody I miss


To Nueng, Toom and Everybody I miss

[イギリス留学] 2005/05/24 01:26

This is a reply to these comments.

I'm really glad to hear from you two! How's your life in Parkwood going? Recently I begun to miss fuckin' England, oh my God!

Now I'm really really enjoying my life in Japan because I'm doing very big task which is to produce and direct Shakespeare's play. More than hundred students and professional theatre-staffs joined this production, and I'm responsible for all (I'm a kind of BOSS!). I don't get enough sleep these days, but I'm fine. I think I couldn't undertake this job if I had not studied in England. Thanks God.

I'm really looking forward to go to Thai at the end of this year. In Japan all foods are delicious (not like UK), but I miss the dinners I had with you in last year.

How are Kaan and Taan? How about Cooper, Lizzy, Jeffry, Nick, So-ichi-ro and ... I can't write all the names I remember! Anyway, I suppose still you drink every Friday. I can't express how much I miss that party!

Anyway, see you soon! Thank you for sending message to me. You gave me much energy. I'm fine. Hiro's still fool. Everything's alright. Take care! I hope you will be able to graduate without any accident! :)

P.S. Nueng, you made a big mistake. I'm not "SO-RO", but slightly "CHI-RO" (which means you need long time to come). You arse-hole must die.